Friday, December 31, 2010

52 week tour Down-Under Western Australia

Thank you for stopping by my blog. As an introduction below is a photo of your hosts - your tour guide - myself, my driver and tripod and sustenance bearer - my husband Rod, and my son Mark - who travels with us with good humour even when his mother stops to photograph yet another wildflower! (well sometimes with good humour...LOL....)

Without them I would have never travelled around my wonderful state Western Australia and been able to bring these photos to you. I thank them for their support. There is so much to show you - from beautiful coastlines, to towering forests, shady pathways and river banks, to desert vistas, rugged gorges, gorgeous wildflowers, and beautiful sunsets.

When I decided to do a 52 week project, I thought about all the wonderful photos I had seen on DPS from people all over the world and I decided I wanted to share my corner of the world, Western Australia with you. I live in a truly remarkable state where you can go from oceans, to mountains, streams and gorges, rolling hills and deserts. We have it all. And I love every part of its infinite beauty.

As much as I would like to take a year off work and go touring - that might have to wait till I retire. Western Australia is huge, and as I thought about how I could possibly bring this tour to you, I realised that we had travelled over a lot of Western Australia over the last few years. So I wrote down a plan of how to travel around my State in a logical manner, starting from our capital Perth, then travelling south, then through the middle to the north and back down the coast. To cover all this ground would indeed take many months. So the photos you will see are not all new, but 90% of them have been taken in the last few years. The Kimberley leg for instance were all taken during our trip in 2009. So some photos are from my archives of thousands of photos, and some are new this year as we travel to places new to us, or we have revisited some places to bring you new photos.

I hope you enjoy the ride as I take you around Western Australia. Start from week 1 in January and work onwards through the year to December.  I hope to "see" you along the track. I'll make sure the billy is boiling and the damper is on the fire cooking!  Make sure you bring the marshmallows!

 and for a sneak preview of what is to come ...........

I will be updating these posts from time to time with new images and info. So drop back and see me sometime. I look forward to seeing you up the track! Want to send me a message - drop a comment in the "comments" box at the end of any post  - I look forward to hearing from you!

Of course our touring doesn't finish here - we are constantly looking for new places to visit - so if you are interested in checking out more articles about Western Australia on my blog? click here - Life Images by Jill or for my latest photos visit me at Flickr - Life Images by Jill on Flickr

Looking forward to seeing you on the road somewhere!


  1. Congratulations Jill. Not only on finishing your 52 week project but also for all the great shots you have shared with all of us at dPs. It has been a real education, for me at least, not only photographically, but also geographically.
    I never realized before that Australia has such diverse geography. Actually this last photo is fairly representative of the image I have always had of Australia. I guess lots of people have the same lop-sided impression of Canada, that it is of a land of nothing but ice and snow and polar bears. We do have lots of ice and snow right now but it's been a few days since I saw a polar bear.

    I look forward to more of your beautiful work, whatever and wherever it may be.

    Cheers and all the best in 2011.

    Ian, near Ottawa, Canada

  2. Jill, many thanks for including us on your tour! outstanding series ..
    Jack, Milton Ontario

  3.! This is some beautiful scenery captured magnificently by you, Jill! Great job. I've been as far east as Singapore, and as far west as Hawaii, but never made it to Australia. Hell, I sure am planning that trip right now. Australian tourism board ought to give you a medal. Wow! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
    Vakeel, Dubai

  4. Have just joined your tour. I am so jealous. I love the Aussie bush and I really want to visit The Kimberley area. You have really done justice with your shots. How could you not love this country.
    Mechanic1300, Mount Annan (Camden) NSW

  5. These are ablsolutely an amazing series of photos...I hope to visit Australia one day, such beautiful country.
    Tommierich, Chicago, USA

  6. Jill, I'm a big fan of your work. I feel like I got to visit your amazing country. Thank you!
    Fred Flyfisher, Yucaipa, CA

  7. You have just convinced me to put Australia on my trips waiting list...
    Also, very nice work from you.
    Rui Lopes, Portugal

  8. Amazing images of amazing places...thank you
    RF-Edin, Scotland

  9. Hi Jill! I love all these. You do such a great job capturing the scale and the majesty. My favorite is Boranup forest, south west corner, Western Australia - I think I've told you that before. But I just love the trees in it and the car driving along.
    Martha, New Hartford, CT

  10. I had no idea Western Australia was so beautiful. Truly wonderful country. I have managed to see a good deal of this world but never ventured down your way. One of these days...
    Lee, Gainesville, Florida

  11. Beautiful, Jill -- love the variety, and the tour has been just great.
    Helen, Sedona, Arizona, USA

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  13. Your country is amazing....never been there! I will enjoy your blog!

  14. Thank you for commenting on my mosaic , I love your photos it looks beautiful there, have a good week

  15. I'll follow this trip with interest and poorly concealed jealousy!

    Say hello if you get to Melbourne.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks Stewart. Unfortunately all done and dusted. It really was a tour made up from many many trips over a few years - not all in one go! But we have seen a lot of Western Australia and still finding new places to travel to. I need to update this blog! Thanks for stopping by Stewart.

  16. Jill, do add your WA posts to OUR WORLD. The meme starts at 5a.m. on Tuesdays but you can still log in. Just click on the logo on my side bar.
    I love the west and our red roads and would like to see more of it but my husband is now in a nursing home and driving around alone, especially in remote areas is a bit exhausting and not much fun when there is no-one to share it with.

  17. I do so like your little travelling group and will stop by on the road with marshmallows some day (in my dreams), might even share my sausies and baked beans.

  18. Beautiful images. I'd love to travel there.

  19. I've been meaning to visit Australia for a long time...thanks for the beautiful imagery!

  20. Wow very nice to see u r blog.. very glad ... your tour and photography excellent...
    I invite u to my country to visit so many fascinating places.
    i invite my blog fascinating nature...

  21. beautiful photo's Jill. We must get over there one day.


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this tour around Western Australia. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to comment.