Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 travel update

Hi everyone, this is the time of year when I update my travel page with last year's travel around Western Australia, and Australia. Looking back we didn't do as much local travel in 2018 as we took a trip to Europe in May. As much as we enjoyed it and we saw a lot and had lots of new experiences and met some wonderful people, as well as catching up with friends in Malta, I think I prefer Australian travel. Travelling overseas really does make you appreciate what you have here. 

However looking back over 2018 we did manage to get out and about. To join me on our local travels, please click on the links which will take you to my Life Images by Jill blog.  
Thank you for stopping by. Sit back and enjoy as you come travelling with me in Western Australia.

Cape Leeuwin - South west corner of Western Australia - meeting of the oceans - March 2018

 Kwolyin - Camping in the Western Australian wheatbelt - April 2018

Early morning in the wheatbelt - April 2018

 The wildflowers are starting to pop at Crooked Brook, Dardanup, Western Australia - August 2018 

Gather around the campfire

 Wildflower hunting and taking time out - goldfields and wheatbelt, Western Australia
- September 2018

Down in the woods today - hunting for wild orchids, Western Australia -  September 2018

Cue - Queen of the Murchison, Western Australia - and also featuring Walga Rock - October 2018

Camping at Karalee Rock, Western Australia - on the way to the goldfields, October 2018 

Ferguson Valley Open Gardens, Western Australia - November 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Travel Western Australia - 2017 update

Hi everyone, it's the time of year again when I update my blog with my travel from the past year, 2017, with the travel posts you will find on my main blog - Life Images by Jill.
I hope you will visit me over there for lots of travel, inspiration and other stuff as well!

4 Wheel driving on Bob's Track to Hamelin Bay, Western Australia 

The Old Timberline Trail, St Johns Brook, Nannup, Western Australia

A walk by the River, Leschenault Inlet, Bunbury, Western Australia 

 Autumn at Balingup Tree Park, Western Australia

The Wool Wagon Pathway, Murchison, Western Australia 

 Lake Dumbleyung, Western Australia and Donald Campbell

 Down in the Woods Today, Gnomesville, Ferguson Valley, Western Australia

 What do Gerald Durrell and Nannup have in common, Western Australia

 Crooked Brook Forest, Dardanup, Western Australia

Hunting for Wild Orchids in the Western Australian mid-west 

 Kennedy Ranges, Pilbara, Western Australia

 Camping at Potters Gorges, Wellington Dam, Western Australia

Puzzle This -Amazen, Margaret River, Western Australia 

Farm Gate Art Trail and wildflowers, Ravensthorpe, Western Australia 

 Biodiversity Hotspot, Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

And some travel from the other side of Australia.....

Icons of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

10 Things to Do in Sydney, Australia 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Travel Western Australia 2016 update

Hi everyone, I'm back to update you with more travel stories from 2016. My apologies for not updating this blog regularly, but these days I write my travels blogs over on my main blog - Life Images by Jill
Rest assured I am still travelling and blogging, so I hope you will visit me over there. If you are looking for a particular destination check into the index.

click here link to - Life Images by Jill

These are my travel blogs for 2016 -you can click on the links to read these posts -

January 2016 - Australia Day and Re-Discover Street Art, Bunbury, Western Australia 

February 2016 - Where the Forest Meets the Sea, Denmark, Western Australia 

March 2016 - From Paddock to City - Busselton, Wagin, Harvey and Perth, Western Australia 

April 2016 - Those magnificent men in their flying machines - flight over Busselton, Western Australia

May 2016 - Another day in paradise - Coral Bay, Western Australia

June 2016 - Autumn - Season of change - Balingup Tree Park, Western Australia 

July 2016 - Finding a camp in the great Western Australian outback 

 July 2016 - Beaches like these, Kimberley, Western Australia

July 2016- Cathedral Gorge, Purnululu, Western Australia

August 2016 - The wildflowers are blooming in the Kimberley, Western Australia

 August 2016 - The-boab-tree-adansonia-gregorii

 September 2016 - Finding the Green Birdflower - Western Australia

September 2016 - Sacred Hearth Church, Beagle Bay, Western Australia

September 2016 - Once in 40 years wildflower extraviganser - visiting Lesuer National Park, Western Australia

October 2016 - Meeting a Bilbi in the Dryandra Woodland, Western Australia

October 2016 - On the road through the Kimberley, Western Australia 

November 2016 - Rottnest Island short break, Western Australia