Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Travel Western Australia - 2017 update

Hi everyone, it's the time of year again when I update my blog with my travel from the past year, 2017, with the travel posts you will find on my main blog - Life Images by Jill.
I hope you will visit me over there for lots of travel, inspiration and other stuff as well!

4 Wheel driving on Bob's Track to Hamelin Bay, Western Australia 

The Old Timberline Trail, St Johns Brook, Nannup, Western Australia

A walk by the River, Leschenault Inlet, Bunbury, Western Australia 

 Autumn at Balingup Tree Park, Western Australia

The Wool Wagon Pathway, Murchison, Western Australia 

 Lake Dumbleyung, Western Australia and Donald Campbell

 Down in the Woods Today, Gnomesville, Ferguson Valley, Western Australia

 What do Gerald Durrell and Nannup have in common, Western Australia

 Crooked Brook Forest, Dardanup, Western Australia

Hunting for Wild Orchids in the Western Australian mid-west 

 Kennedy Ranges, Pilbara, Western Australia

 Camping at Potters Gorges, Wellington Dam, Western Australia

Puzzle This -Amazen, Margaret River, Western Australia 

Farm Gate Art Trail and wildflowers, Ravensthorpe, Western Australia 

 Biodiversity Hotspot, Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

And some travel from the other side of Australia.....

Icons of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

10 Things to Do in Sydney, Australia 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Travel Western Australia 2016 update

Hi everyone, I'm back to update you with more travel stories from 2016. My apologies for not updating this blog regularly, but these days I write my travels blogs over on my main blog - Life Images by Jill
Rest assured I am still travelling and blogging, so I hope you will visit me over there. If you are looking for a particular destination check into the index.

click here link to - Life Images by Jill

These are my travel blogs for 2016 -you can click on the links to read these posts -

January 2016 - Australia Day and Re-Discover Street Art, Bunbury, Western Australia 

February 2016 - Where the Forest Meets the Sea, Denmark, Western Australia 

March 2016 - From Paddock to City - Busselton, Wagin, Harvey and Perth, Western Australia 

April 2016 - Those magnificent men in their flying machines - flight over Busselton, Western Australia

May 2016 - Another day in paradise - Coral Bay, Western Australia

June 2016 - Autumn - Season of change - Balingup Tree Park, Western Australia 

July 2016 - Finding a camp in the great Western Australian outback 

 July 2016 - Beaches like these, Kimberley, Western Australia

July 2016- Cathedral Gorge, Purnululu, Western Australia

August 2016 - The wildflowers are blooming in the Kimberley, Western Australia

 August 2016 - The-boab-tree-adansonia-gregorii

 September 2016 - Finding the Green Birdflower - Western Australia

September 2016 - Sacred Hearth Church, Beagle Bay, Western Australia

September 2016 - Once in 40 years wildflower extraviganser - visiting Lesuer National Park, Western Australia

October 2016 - Meeting a Bilbi in the Dryandra Woodland, Western Australia

October 2016 - On the road through the Kimberley, Western Australia 

November 2016 - Rottnest Island short break, Western Australia

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Travel Western Australia update 2015

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing some travel either around your home country, state, overseas or right here in Western Australia. 

A reminder to everyone, if you are looking for a Western Australian destination on my blog, please go to my Index as the first port of call where you will find links to my blog posts both here on Tour Downunder Western Australia and my main blog - Life Images by Jill

2015 has flown by in a flash. Life is far too busy, but we have managed to take some time out for some travel, if only short day trips.

Here's some links to show you what we have been up to - I hope you will visit me at some of these destinations.

 In late September early October, we travelled out through the eastern wheatbelt to Dryandra, McDermid Rock, Cave Hill and through the Great Western Woodland and the central wheatbelt - 

 Camping in the Dryandra Woodland
Free camping at McDermid Rock 
Spring in the Western Australiand wheatbelt 

Murchison River camping, Wooleen Station - In July we travelled to Kalbarri and then took a dirt road across to the Murchison and camped on the banks of the Murchison River at one of Wooleen Station's river-side camps for a few days. Absolute quiet river frontage. Bliss.

In June we helped maintenance volunteers on the Bibbulmun Track near the Grimwade campsite. A walk with Bibbulmun Track volunteers

 In May we visited the Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup to see the trees putting on their autumn colours. Autumn in the Golden Valley Tree Park
and closer to home explored the beautiful Ferguson Valley - How green was my valley - Ferguson Valley

In April we went bushwalking at Hoffmans Mill near Harvey.  Bushwalking at Hoffmans Mill

In March I blogged about 10 things to do in Yallingup without going to the beach. 10 things to do in Yallingup
and we enjoyed a lazy Sunday lunch at Flutes Winery - Lazy Sunday lunch, Flutes, Yallingup

  In February we watched 2000 people swim 3.6km around the Busselton Jetty in the annual Busselton Jetty swim -  Busselton Jetty Swim

And in January we travelled to Denmark and Albany via the historic St Werburghs Chapel built in 1873 just out of Mt Barker. St Werburghs Chapel, Mt Barker

Happy travels everyone. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Never stop travelling, exploring and taking photos

Hi everyone, just a quick update to let you know I am still out there travelling, exploring and taking photos of our beautiful Western Australia.

I have been updating the INDEX on this page with the new travel posts, updated information and new images,

 so please go to the INDEX as your first port of call if you are searching for Western Australian travel. I have found it will probably be more reliable than the "search this blog" tab if you know what area you are looking for.

The new links will take you to my other blog which will have to latest information and images - Life Images by Jill.  Link to Life Images by Jill

I hope you will visit me there for more recent and more photos. 

Notable trips over the last few years have been -

In 2012 we travelled to the far north eastern corner of the wheatbelt to free camp at a number of huge granite rock outcrops and also explored the Indian Ocean Drive along Western Australia's coast.

In 2013 we traversed the Holland Track for the first time in the remote southern Western Australian goldfields and then up through the woodlines area camping at various granite rocks, and also travelled across the Nullabor to South Australia - two firsts for us.

In 2014 our most notable trip was to revisit Karijini National Park with first time visits to explore Mt Augustus and the Kennedy Ranges in the Pilbara of Western Australia. I wondered why I had never been there before!

I am always searching for new places to visit, although we have to travel further and further afield to find somewhere we haven't been before.

I wonder where our next trip will be? I haven't planned it yet - but rest assured you will be able to read about it here on Tour Downunder Western Australia or my other blog Life Images by Jill.  Perhaps I will meet up with you at a campsite somewhere.
Happy travels!

Here is a pic of Mount Augustus - you can read about it by clicking here - Flowers that bloom in the red rock of Mount Augustus and here - Mount Augustus walk trails

Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome! - come and take a drive with me!

Hi everyone - this blog was created in 2010 but let me assure you we are still out there travelling and exploring my wonderful state Western Australia.

I hope to be updating my travel blog with new images and stories very soon - but in the meantime to see my latest travel posts or see more of my work, please visit me at my blog - Life Images by Jill Blog -  or see my latest pics on my Flickr photo page - Life Images by Jill on Flickr

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to seeing you on a track or under a tree somewhere soon.  Like a traveller I met recently on the Holland Track in Western Australia said to me - "there is always another track".

Friday, December 31, 2010

52 week tour Down-Under Western Australia

Thank you for stopping by my blog. As an introduction below is a photo of your hosts - your tour guide - myself, my driver and tripod and sustenance bearer - my husband Rod, and my son Mark - who travels with us with good humour even when his mother stops to photograph yet another wildflower! (well sometimes with good humour...LOL....)

Without them I would have never travelled around my wonderful state Western Australia and been able to bring these photos to you. I thank them for their support. There is so much to show you - from beautiful coastlines, to towering forests, shady pathways and river banks, to desert vistas, rugged gorges, gorgeous wildflowers, and beautiful sunsets.

When I decided to do a 52 week project, I thought about all the wonderful photos I had seen on DPS from people all over the world and I decided I wanted to share my corner of the world, Western Australia with you. I live in a truly remarkable state where you can go from oceans, to mountains, streams and gorges, rolling hills and deserts. We have it all. And I love every part of its infinite beauty.

As much as I would like to take a year off work and go touring - that might have to wait till I retire. Western Australia is huge, and as I thought about how I could possibly bring this tour to you, I realised that we had travelled over a lot of Western Australia over the last few years. So I wrote down a plan of how to travel around my State in a logical manner, starting from our capital Perth, then travelling south, then through the middle to the north and back down the coast. To cover all this ground would indeed take many months. So the photos you will see are not all new, but 90% of them have been taken in the last few years. The Kimberley leg for instance were all taken during our trip in 2009. So some photos are from my archives of thousands of photos, and some are new this year as we travel to places new to us, or we have revisited some places to bring you new photos.

I hope you enjoy the ride as I take you around Western Australia. Start from week 1 in January and work onwards through the year to December.  I hope to "see" you along the track. I'll make sure the billy is boiling and the damper is on the fire cooking!  Make sure you bring the marshmallows!

 and for a sneak preview of what is to come ...........

I will be updating these posts from time to time with new images and info. So drop back and see me sometime. I look forward to seeing you up the track! Want to send me a message - drop a comment in the "comments" box at the end of any post  - I look forward to hearing from you!

Of course our touring doesn't finish here - we are constantly looking for new places to visit - so if you are interested in checking out more articles about Western Australia on my blog? click here - Life Images by Jill or for my latest photos visit me at Flickr - Life Images by Jill on Flickr

Looking forward to seeing you on the road somewhere!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 52/52 - Great Central Road - and onwards to the border - Western Australia

Well hello everyone and welcome to Week 52 of 52 - of my Tour Downunder Western Australia. Yes it is the last week! I can hardly believe that I have taken you for 52 weeks around my magnificent state where I live - Western Australia. I have enjoyed bringing you photos from my travels around my state and I hope you have enjoyed seeing my corner of the world.

For all of those who have come along for the ride, and taken the time to look and comment, I thank you very sincerely. I have enjoyed immensely having you along and reading your comments. You gave me the enthusiasm to continue the 52 weeks of posts, so I thank you.

This week we continue eastward over country new to us. We are travelling on part of The Great Central Road - which is also known as The Outback Way - and - Australia's Greatest Shortcut - a series of roads which connect to travel 2750 kilometres right through the centre of Australia from Laverton in the middle of Western Australia, across the Northern Territory to Winton in the middle of Queensland, taking you through spectacular country . It is very interesting to see the changes in landscape and the 10 different bio-regions featuring their unique flora, fauna, geological and landscapes - sand ridges, deserts, mountain ranges, sand plains. The road is well maintained, and information panels along the way are interesting to read. A map is essential so you know where you are, and there is a touring atlas of the road which as well as containing maps, distances etc, has a wealth of information to assist in your enjoyment of your trip!

For this part of the journey we will be continuing east from our last camp at Niagra Dam to Laverton, and we will be camping out in the bush for three nights before we reach the Northern Territory border (as it will take us 3 days to get to the border!)

As you will see from the photos this section of the road is gravel, which we found to be in very good condition. This is remote country, although you will meet other travellers doing the same crossing and there are a few small towns, aboriginal communities, road houses and pastoral stations along the route, so you need to be well prepared for remote travel. Look out for road trains (be careful of the huge dust cloud they throw up reducing visibility to zero! - I'll show you a pic later), as well as wild camels, dingos and kangaroos. - keep your eyes open to see them!

This is a photo of my son's vehicle coming towards us. They travelled with us for this part of the trip.

From Western Australia

Late afternoon at my son's camp site at what we called Desert Oakes camp. The Desert Oakes are actually not an oak at all but a type of Casuarina.

From Western Australia

The wide dry sandy bed of Giles Creek, lined by river gums, near Desert Oakes camp. I like the painted look of this photo.

From Western Australia

Early morning low rain cloud over the Petermann Ranges near the Western Australia/Northern Territory border.

From Western Australia

Spinifex heads in the late afternoon light..........spinifex is a common plant in the desert regions of Australia.

From Wildflowers

another road shot taken through the front windscreen as we drove along - the dust in front is from my son's vehicle...... (can't always stop to take a photo LOL)

From Western Australia

You actually see a lot of these along the road side - old cars that have broken down, been stripped of their tyres and engines and whatever else can come off, and left to rust on the road side.

From Western Australia

When we are travelling for several days, and camp out in the bush there are no facilities like showers and find a bush to squat behind. But we do carry our shower tent, and a solar shower (a bag you put water in basically) so that we can have a shower every couple of days. Amazing how refreshed and clean you can feel from 1 or 2 litres of water....

From Western Australia

A road train......the only thing you can do when you meet one of these is to move over to the side of the road and wait for the dust to settle....visibility is zero!

From Western Australia

A wild camel on the edge of the road - unfortunately I was looking straight into the sun when I took this photo, but I wasn't going to get out of the car to try and get a better angle!

From Western Australia

This is sunrise at Yarla camp - I climbed to the top of the breakaway up from our camp to take this photo. Scenes like these and the peace you get when you are camping "out bush" are what I love about travelling around Western Australia.

From Western Australia

Thanks again everyone for looking, and for your support throughout the last 52 weeks. I hope you have enjoyed the tour. I look forward to hearing from you.