Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 35/52 - Part 2 - Purnululu - catching the light in the chasms

Hi fellow travellers - as promised here is Part 2 of week 35 of our 52 week tour around Western Australia. We are continuing our tour through the magnificent rock domes of World Heritage Listed Purnululu National Park in the Kimberley in the North West of Western Australia.

On the northern side of the park, 20 kilometres from the Visitor Centre are three walks which can easily be explored in a day: Echidna Chasm, Mini Palms Gorge and Osmond Lookout.

The most popular is the Echidna Chasm walk. The initial section is along a dry creek bed in full sun but as the walls of the chasm narrow the walk is in part shade, terminating within a spectacular tall narrow chasm which changes colour with the angle of the sun.
The best time for photographs is in the middle of the day when the sun comes down through the narrow chasm.

Coming into the chasm.....

From Western Australia
Near the end of the chasm.....

From Western Australia
Coming back out....that's my husband carrying my tripod....

From Western Australia
To those who think the Kimberly is a barren place, it is a surprise to see Livistona Palms growing within the Gorge, their green fronds in sharp contrast to the brilliant orange red rock and appearing out of place in this harsh environment. The palms and other plants cling to rock crevices or trail their exposed roots amongst the conglomerate rock that forms the range in this part of the Park.

Yes the rock really is that colour....

From Western Australia
Another from within Echidna Chasm...

From Western Australia
This is a Bower birds nest. They collect bits of shiny rocks, glass etc and put them within and in front of the bower the have built to attract a female.

From Western Australia
Another glorious sunset lighting up the rocks.

From Western Australia
And some wildflowers - this is one of the Grevillias - the little curved over parts have yet to open up in this example....

From Wildflowers


  1. Hi Jill .... this whole set is a feast for the eyes....pure beauty ... nature at its best .. don't you wish you'd spend a little more time there.
    Hayward, Dyer IN

  2. Hi Jill,
    Oh wow, what a spectacular to visit and photograph. You're first photo is jaw dropping.

    1. thank you so much - it really is spectacular country.


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