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Week 32/52-Part 2 - Skull Springs, Nullagine -Rest awhile by a river under the trees

Hi everyone and welcome to Part 2 of Week 32 of my 52 week Tour Downunder Western Australia. I am posting Part 2 because I have more photos to bring you from the Carawine/Nullagine area.

From our last stop Carawine Gorge (Week 32 Part 1) we travel further south to Skull Springs - you can't miss the the turnoff as it is appropriately signposted by a camel’s skull. The springs are located in the bed of the Davis River and despite its name it is a beautiful and idyllic place to camp and spend a few days. Gigantic silver cajuput trees shade the numerous trickling watercourses that crisscross the river bed.

This is one of my favourite photos....

From Western Australia
Explorer Nat Cooke named Skull Springs when he found an Aboriginal skull here in 1886. It is said that the papery bark of the cajuput trees was used by Aborigines to construct huts and make baskets.

The river is protected from the wind by high ridges, but the force of cyclonic flooding is illustrated by the debris caught high in the tree branches and huge trees that had been uprooted. Flooding can happen without warning, so be careful where you camp.

From Western Australia
We spent a lovely couple of restful days wandering up and down the river bed. Skull Springs is also a great place to try fishing with a small flick rod (especially if you have children) in the numerous streams and sheltered pools crisscrossing the river bed. We caught a few Spangled Perch which were very tasty, just filleted, floured and pan fried on the gas camping stove.

Wearing reef boots certainly made it easier to wade through the streams crisscrossing the river bed – no need to bother about water getting into your shoes or where to cross – just wade over. However by the end of the day the stony river bed got a bit hard on the feet!

From Western Australia

From Western Australia
31kms further east is Running Waters where the water is crystal clear and warm enough for a swim to rinse off the dust.

Here are a few more photos from Skull Springs.

From Western Australia
Our camp by the edge of a small stream at Skull Springs.

From Western Australia

All to soon it was time to leave - It was so beautiful I wanted to stay longer along the banks of the river under the trees, in the tranquillity away from the troubles of the world....

From Skull Springs we travelled west along Skull Springs Road to Nullagine. This is an attractive drive however there are many creek and river crossings that require low range 4WD and good ground clearance - a couple of times we had to wade across first to check the water depth. It took us three hours to drive the

From Western Australia
Remains at the 20 Mile Sandy Creek State Battery on the Nullagine Road.

Nullagine was once part of the 1880’s Pilbara gold rush and now is popular with prospectors who fossick amongst the old abandoned mines and tailings. The area is rich in all kinds of minerals and in 1902 was the site of Australia’s first diamond discovery.

From Western Australia
I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as I have enjoyed bringing one of my favourite camping spots, Skull Springs, to you.

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