Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 45/52- Coral Bay - I'd like to be beside the sea side....

Hi everyone and welcome to Week 45 of our 52 week tour Downunder Western Australia. This week we travel south of Exmouth to Coral Bay.

Western Australia's Coral Coast and the Ningaloo Marine Park can be easily explored by staying at Exmouth at the top of North West Cape, or its smaller neighbour Coral Bay, 155 kilometres south. Both towns are geared towards tourism, but Coral Bay exudes a more casual relaxed holiday feel.

Most of Coral Bay’s small population is directly involved in catering for the hundreds of tourists who go there every year to catch the winter sun, experience the reef and relax on the beach which is only a stones throw from the front door of your caravan or holiday cottage.

From Western Australia

Any time of day you will find people sitting on the beach, swimming, or snorkelling on the reef that starts only a few metres from the shore. The town beach is a favourite for families as it provides safe swimming for children and fish can be seen swimming in shallow water near the shore line. It also attracts many “grey nomads” judging by the number of retirees you see on the beach.

From Western Australia

Dive tours are conducted daily from Exmouth and Coral Bay, but you can also experience the coral gardens of the reef by taking a tour in a glass bottom or submariner boat. For non divers, these tours and their informative guides bring you in close contact with the underwater world. It is also great for children, who love seeing the fish through the glass.

From Western Australia

You only need to walk into the water and swim a short distance to the reef for a magical snorkelling experience. The water is so warm you can easily spend an hour or two snorkelling and watching the changing kaleidoscope of life. There are many locations along the Ningaloo Reef where you can do this, and a 4WD will help you access them, however it is wise to seek local information regarding the safest locations and to be aware of strong currents.

From Western Australia

Here are another couple of pics.

some more coral....

From Western Australia

my grandson chasing seagulls. That's the glass bottom boat you can see moored.

From Western Australia

Some coastal wildflowers - this is one of the Heliotrope family.

From Wildflowers

The sunsets at Exmouth and Coral Bay are spectacular. We set up our deck chairs above the cliff at Monks Head at Coral Bay and enjoyed our wine and cheese while we watched a sunset of incredible colours ranging from gold to purple that spread across the whole sky. No city dweller will experience a sunset like this and it will surely be just one of the many highlights of your trip to the Coral Coast.

Isn't the sky glorious? pitty there wasn't a silhouette of a sailing boat to complete the picture.

From Western Australia

thankyou all again for looking. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hi Jill this was another wonderful series of photos and as usual I alway love your narrative. I hope one day to visit this area of the world and have learned so much from following your series of wishes.
    Tomnmierich, USA

  2. Another great set of photographs!
    Billmac, Neilston, Scotland

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