Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 14/52 - Western Australia's south coast & rugged coastline

Hi everyone, Here we are in Week 14 of our 52 week tour Downunder Western Australia  -
Tonight I take you east of Walpole along the southern coastline, with views of the Southern Ocean, to Denmark.

There are kilometres of magnificent coastal scenery, rugged headlands, rock pools and secluded beaches, including Conspicuous Cliffs, Williams Beach, Greens Pool, Ocean Beach, Lights Beach, Wilson Head and Wilson Inlet.

The southern coastline is a great place to see dolphins and to watch for southern right and humpback whales during their migration from July till October. There are several viewing platforms and other high vantage points.

Here is the view at Conspicuous Cliffs - I think the people in the foreground will give you an idea of the scale of this scene......

From Life Images by Jill
Here is Lights Beach.......

From Life Images by Jill
Another photo of Lights Beach - this guy is going for a surf....

From Life Images by Jill

At William Bay you can explore Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks, Madfish Bay and Waterfall Rocks, or travel further on to Parry Beach and Boat Harbour. At William Bay we decided to trek into the William Bay Bibbulmun Track hut as we had read there were magnificent coastal views from near the hut. We weren’t disappointed, but as it was the middle of summer we were glad to be able to plunge into Greens Pool to cool off afterwards.

Greens Pool is a safe swimming beach where they conduct swimming lessons during the summer for children from Denmark. When we arrived it was between lessons. Children were climbing onto the rocks near the beach and lying sleek and wet like seals on the rocks before sliding into the crystal clear blue green water. We did the same. The beach was dotted with the colour of umbrellas and beach shelters and there was laughter and a happy family holiday atmosphere.

Here is a photo of Greens Pool - looks inviting doesn't it? ..... There is a Bibbulmun Track hut near here which we walked to on a hot day in January - we were glad to get back to Greens Pool and go for a swim!

From Life Images by Jill


  1. Hi,
    Nice site! I am loving it!! Will come back again ??taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  2. I love this coastline so much, and your description of Greens Pool made me feel like I was right there. When I was a kid my grandparents lived in Denmark and we visited several times a year, as often as we could for weekends and holidays. I love how different the South Coast and the beaches are through the 4 seasons.


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