Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 29/52 - Munjina Gorge camp with a view

Welcome everyone to week 29 of my 52 week Tour Downunder Western Australia.

We have now left spectacular Karijini National Park, and continue our way north. Our next overnight camp stop is spectacular Munjini Gorge. This really marks a defining line between the rugged Hamersley Ranges and the gorge country and the flat plains beyond.

Here is a view of the gorge where the road cuts through - and one of the big road trains.

From Life Images by Jill
Our overnight camp stop. This is the first time we have ever camped here, but it is now a favourite. The ground is very rocky, and we were worried about getting our tent pegs in, but they went in easily - the top layer is loose rock over the harder core. The tree with the white bark is called a snappy gum - they are a small tree you see throughout the Pilbara - they are very hardy and often cling to life on cliff faces.

From Life Images by Jill
With a view like this who wouldn't love it!

From Life Images by Jill
And a dramatic Pilbara sunset. Sunset drinks anyone?

From Life Images by Jill
This is another photo of the snappy gum - they are quite often white bark with black burnt edges like this....

From Life Images by Jill
A Grevillia flower at Munjina campsite....

From Wildflowers
Driving out through Munjina Gorge - that is the Chichester Ranges in the background. I took this through the car window as there is no where to pull off along the road through the gorge - so think it turned out pretty well considering...

From Life Images by Jill

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