Friday, January 1, 2010

Week 1/52 - Welcome to Western Australia and Perth, our capital city

Welcome to Tour Downunder Western Australia. This is the start of our 52 week tour through the huge state of Western Australia.

Here we are flying into WA's capital city, Perth. As you can see Perth is beautifully situated on the banks of the Swan River. (not the best or clearest photo but it was taken from a plane through scratchy windows!) That's the Indian Ocean you can see way over in the background.

From Life Images by Jill
For tourists, one of the best places to see Perth's skyline is from Kings Park. Here is a view over the City and the Swan River. Kings Park is a huge botanical garden with plants from all around the world, walking paths, historical memorials, grass for picnics, children's playgrounds,, restaurants, etc and of course views of Perth. It is really beautiful and an outstanding feature in the heart of Perth.

From Life Images by Jill
And here we have our State War Memorial in Kings Park with the backdrop of the City. This is where our major Anzac Day ceremony is held on 25 April to remember those who have lost their lives in wars. This is also where the "Eternal Flame" burns

From Life Images by Jill
Kings Park is a botanical garden covering approx 1000 acres of gardens, bushland and walk trails located right in the centre of Perth. It was started in 1872 and displays an extensive collection of plants from all around the world, as well as research scientists undertaking integrated and innovative research in native plant biology, conservation and ecological restoration of Western Australia's unique biodiversity. There are also a number of memorials in Kings Park.

One of the favourite times to go to Kings Park is during Spring during the Wildflower Festival - giving visitors a chance to see a huge variety of wildflowers - here are just a small sample. I hope you enjoy them.

Red Kangaroo Paw
From Life Images by Jill
The Flame Grevillia
From Life Images by Jill
The Rose Mallee
From Life Images by Jill

A view of one of the parks in Kings Park, with the Pioneer Woman's memorial and fountain in the background.

From Life Images by Jill

The plant collection at Kings Park enables us to see plants we might not ever see if we didn't travel to where you might see them in the wild - ie the Rose Mallee I had never seen before, so it was great to be able to photograph it in Kings Park and add it to my collection.   In addition the lawns and gardens are magnificent.

There are many walk and bike trails through the gardens and wild bush, children's playground, and places to picnic or just to sit. There really is something for everyone.

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