Thursday, July 28, 2022

Travel 2021

 Hi everyone! Yes we did travel in 2021! I must come back here and show you some! 

In fact we went to the far north of Western Australia in July-August. You can see some of it here: 

Cape Leveque - Part 1

Cape Leveque - Part 2

I will be back soon with more!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Western Australian travel update 2020

 Welcome everyone to the update of our Western Australian travel in 2020. It has been a strange year for everyone around the world with the Covid 19 Corona virus spreading rapidly across the world and curtailing domestic and international travel. And the many people who have fallen ill or died from the virus, and those who have suffered the loss of loved ones. 

When  it first hit Australia back in March our state borders between the states were closed, as well as International borders. Anyone returning home from overseas were required to do mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine. And those wanting to travel interstate had to seek special approval. Even within our state of Western Australia internal borders were imposed between regions. 

In many ways it was a good time to stop and reflect. Spending quiet time away from crowds

This of course severely restricted travel even within our own states. However when the WA internal regional borders were reopened, but the state borders were still in place, Western Australian's got out and travelled within their own state even more than before. I heard people saying they didn't realise how beautiful our state was! These were people that usually travelled overseas. 

Well I've always known how beautiful Western Australia is, hence this blog. Unfortunately for us in 2020 I had an ankle operation in March, and then broke my wrist in September. This curtailed our travel, however we still managed a few getaways. 

The best way to keep updated with travels and other topics is to go to my main blog - Life Images by Jill - or to check the index. I am wondering if this index should actually be alphabetical? What do you think? As it is a combination of posts on this blog, and posts on my main blog. Hmmm...

I also started a Covid photo a day project in March 2020. Now in January 2021 it is still going! and I have no idea when it might stop. Covid photo a day project - December 2020

But back to travel.......  

We were encouraged to Wonder out Yonder in Western Australia - so I did an A-Z of Western Australian travel

I went back to revisit the Explore the Painted Silos Trail

We went on a two week trip to Coral Bay, Exmouth and Kalbarri - Travelling north

I have just realised I didn't go back to share more of this on my blog. I must get back to it. 

We went hunting for wild orchids and wildflowers in the Stirling Ranges National Park in thegreat southern region of our state, and saw first hand the devastation of the January bushfires.

We went up to Wellington Dam near Collie to see the progress on the Wellington Dam wall mural

And we had a long weekend with my family in the Western Australian wheatbelt weekend

Amongst all that we also did quite a bit of local walking in bush reserves. Summer colour in the south west of Western Australia

I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and well and that there might be something on here to temp you to wander out yonder. My full blog where I blog every week can be found at Life Images by Jill

Thank you for visiting. I hope to hear from you. Take care and stay safe. 

Friday, December 27, 2019

2019 Travel update

Hi everyone, it is the time of year again that I update this page with our Western Australian travel for the past year.  We had a few short breaks in Western Australia, but out main travel this year was a half lap of Australia which took in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia.

To join me on our travels, please click on the links which will take you to my Life Images by Jill blog which is my main blog these days.  
You can also click on the Index to see more. 
  Thank you for stopping by. Sit back and enjoy as you come travelling with me in Western Australia. 

Field of Lights - Albany  

 In February we had the opportunity to see "The Field of Lights" Avenue of Honour on Mt Clarence along the path up to the War Memorial in Albany on Western Australia's south coast. This art installation, created with 16,000 lights by Bruce Munro pays homage to the 41,000 troops who departed from Albany on their way to World War 1. For some Albany would be their last view of Australia.

 Short Break in the wheatbelt

 We had a three day weekend in the Western Australian wheatbelt. Primarily to look at some of the Silos Art Trail, but also to bush camp at a couple of new free camps we heard about.

Autumn colour in the Balingup Tree Park 

The Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup, which is undoubtedly one of the best places to see autumn colour. Only about an hour south of our home, it makes for a perfect day out. The park features a collection of deciduous trees which are showing off their autumn colour right now. But you need to get there before the leaves have all fallen. To see this colour is amazing for us Western Australians as our native trees are all ever-green, so we don't get the full flush of autumn colour like people living in the northern hemisphere do. So visiting the Golden Valley Tree Park is very special. 

Boranup Forest lookout loop walk

 During a short break stay at Hamelin Bay, we walked the Boranup Lookout 9 kilometre loop which starts at the Boranup Lookout, 3km from the southern end of Boranup Drive. From here you can see beautiful views over the coast. You can extend this to the 12 km walk.  It also takes in part of the Cape to Cape trail.

Menzies town Hall without a clock 

The curious story of how the Menzies Town Hall in the Western Australian goldfields was without a clock for 100 years

Half Lap of Australia - Intro

An introduction to our half lap of Australia - 13,329 kilometers in 7 weeks and 3 days, 16 caravan parks and 11 free camps

Free camp Perth to Kununurra  

Perth to Kununurra - a distance of approx 3,513 kilometres (2,183 miles) -
 It's a long way and you need to allow about 6 days to do this distance comfortably. Incredibly you can free camp all the way! 

 Kununurra and Lake Argyle, Western Australia

At the top end of Western Australia, near the Northern Territory Border, is Kununurra and Lake Argyle - the huge Ord River Dam which was created to irrigate crops in the Kununurra region. 

Hunting for wild orchids 

In September we went hunting for wild orchids along a trail in the Dunsborough area which we hadn't explored before. The orchids were amazing and we saw varieties we hadn't seen before.

September wildflowers 

September is the prime time for wildflowers is the south west of Western Australia. You don't have to go far to find them in bush reserves. 

Sadly our touring finished in late September when I broke my ankle photographing orchids! But if you want to see more of our travels through the Northern Territory, go to the Index on my blog. We had an amazing tour. 

 Happy travels and thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 travel update

Hi everyone, this is the time of year when I update my travel page with last year's travel around Western Australia, and Australia. Looking back we didn't do as much local travel in 2018 as we took a trip to Europe in May. As much as we enjoyed it and we saw a lot and had lots of new experiences and met some wonderful people, as well as catching up with friends in Malta, I think I prefer Australian travel. Travelling overseas really does make you appreciate what you have here. 

However looking back over 2018 we did manage to get out and about. To join me on our local travels, please click on the links which will take you to my Life Images by Jill blog.  
Thank you for stopping by. Sit back and enjoy as you come travelling with me in Western Australia.

Cape Leeuwin - South west corner of Western Australia - meeting of the oceans - March 2018

 Kwolyin - Camping in the Western Australian wheatbelt - April 2018

Early morning in the wheatbelt - April 2018

 The wildflowers are starting to pop at Crooked Brook, Dardanup, Western Australia - August 2018 

Gather around the campfire

 Wildflower hunting and taking time out - goldfields and wheatbelt, Western Australia
- September 2018

Down in the woods today - hunting for wild orchids, Western Australia -  September 2018

Cue - Queen of the Murchison, Western Australia - and also featuring Walga Rock - October 2018

Camping at Karalee Rock, Western Australia - on the way to the goldfields, October 2018 

Ferguson Valley Open Gardens, Western Australia - November 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Travel Western Australia - 2017 update

Hi everyone, it's the time of year again when I update my blog with my travel from the past year, 2017, with the travel posts you will find on my main blog - Life Images by Jill.
I hope you will visit me over there for lots of travel, inspiration and other stuff as well!

4 Wheel driving on Bob's Track to Hamelin Bay, Western Australia 

The Old Timberline Trail, St Johns Brook, Nannup, Western Australia

A walk by the River, Leschenault Inlet, Bunbury, Western Australia 

 Autumn at Balingup Tree Park, Western Australia

The Wool Wagon Pathway, Murchison, Western Australia 

 Lake Dumbleyung, Western Australia and Donald Campbell

 Down in the Woods Today, Gnomesville, Ferguson Valley, Western Australia

 What do Gerald Durrell and Nannup have in common, Western Australia

 Crooked Brook Forest, Dardanup, Western Australia

Hunting for Wild Orchids in the Western Australian mid-west 

 Kennedy Ranges, Pilbara, Western Australia

 Camping at Potters Gorges, Wellington Dam, Western Australia

Puzzle This -Amazen, Margaret River, Western Australia 

Farm Gate Art Trail and wildflowers, Ravensthorpe, Western Australia 

 Biodiversity Hotspot, Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

And some travel from the other side of Australia.....

Icons of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

10 Things to Do in Sydney, Australia